Torch Battle

Hello, guildies! I’ll be going over a few how-tos in upcoming posts. Today we’re starting with the guild Torch Battle.

When are torch battles?

Torch battles happen every Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 09:00 and ending at 21:00. Our guild begins attacking rank 151 (or below) at 20:45 exactly, then we guard at 20:51 or whenever Sengreef or another leader instruct us to. We do not haul or guard until that time.

What is the torch battle?

The torch battle is essentially guilds battling against one another in a game of capture the flag. Each guild may send heroes out to haul (capture) torches (flags) and pit their heroes against select incoming enemy haulers who want to take a torch from their guild.

The more torches a guild has at the end of the event, the higher number of hero badges and shards they will receive in prizes. It’s important to note that it’s only at the conclusion of the event that this tally is made.

When a guild captures/hauls torches for itself, it goes up in the ranks, which you can see if you go the Haul Torch page. What you’re presented with is an array of guilds ranked by their place in the current torch battle. I’ll include a link to a video that further explains the Haul Torch ranking page and what each symbol and number means.

When a guild sends out a hauler to take a torch from your guild, it will show up in the Guard Torch page for your guild. You’ll be able to see which guild and player has sent it, and the type and level of the hero so you can evaluate whether you can beat it or not. Here’s a handy guide to help you make that evaluation.

What’s our guild’s Torch Battle strategy?

Because being high on the rankings during the day will turn us into a target at the last minute and therefore result in a loss, our guild chooses to hold all its hauling and guarding until fifteen minutes before the end of the battle, which is at 20:45, then hold our guards until 20:51 or until Sengreef or another leader gives us the green light. Why hold the guards? Because other guilds have adopted the same strategy of holding their hauls until the last 10-15 minutes, and therefore we may be the target of another guild’s massive attack. If/when that happens, guarding too soon is wasting our guards – we wait until the incoming attacks stop (we’re zeroed) and then begin guarding. Otherwise, every time we guard and get a torch back, someone just comes and hauls it away again!

We always haul guild ranking 151, then go down the list once that guild is zeroed.

It’s vitally important that no one haul or guard any torches or allow our number of torches to exceed 100. If we end up highly ranked during the day, we will end the day with no prizes. Sadface! Do your part to help educate new or returning guildmembers so we can all enjoy the delicious HB and shards!
Here’s a good video going over the torch battle basics and interface:


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