Storm Mesa Dungeons

This is another installment in my how-to guides for Castle Clash guild activities. Today I’ll be going over Storm Mesa dungeons.

When do we tackle Storm Mesa dungeons together?

While you can set up a Storm Mesa fight anytime, our guild gathers after our boss battle has concluded to do the dungeons together. Since with our kick-bootay guild polishes off the boss in less than five minutes, generally, that’s about 21:20.

What are the Storm Mesa dungeons?

The Storm Mesa dungeons are a PvE (players versus environment) activity mostly geared towards guilds. While you can find random-player pickup games, it’s best to coordinate Mesa battles with your guildmates, as you can increase your chances of success by strategizing in chat before starting the battle. The Storm Mesa area can be found to the right of the quest board as a swirly blue portal with a carved statue behind it and a blue torch in front of it.

There are four Storm Mesa dungeons, each increasing in difficulty and varying in prizes. Four players may take a team of five heroes and join together to fight in the dungeon.

Where do I start?

To prepare yourself for joining a Storm Mesa battle, set up your team by clicking on the ‘Form Team’ button and choosing five heroes and placing them on the grid provided.

Once you have formed a team, you can create a dungeon which your teammates can join. You’ll notice there’s an “Invite” button once you create an instance. Clicking that will send an invitation to your guild mates. It shows up as an indicator on the icon with two people and a plus symbol, between the chat tab and achievements button.

If you see a red circle on that icon with a number in it, that’s telling you how many invitations are waiting for you to accept or reject. Click on it to see what invitations are available.

Once you’ve created or joined, you may place your team of heroes on an available grid-space.

IMPORTANT: The placement of your hero teams is strategically important! We have found that the most advantageous arrangements are: For Mesa-1, all four hero teams in the bottom corner. For Mesa-2, one hero team in each of the four corners.

Once you have all four players in a dungeon, the person who created the instance may click start. There’s a twenty second countdown to give all players time to arrange themselves appropriately, and then battle begins.

What happens during a Storm Mesa battle?

Much like the hero expeditions, once battle begins, there are no opportunities for players to use spells or troops in combat. Players simply watch the battle play out while chewing their fingernails and hoping the Pumpkin Dukes don’t die.

Success of your Storm Mesa battle is dependent entirely on your teams’ hero power, hero skills and talents, strategic hero team arrangement and strategic hero-team placement.

The time limit for battle is three minutes. Your four teams of heroes must clear the entire dungeon in order to win. All Storm Mesa dungeons involve at least one boss, which is immune to stun.

At the end of a successful battle, each player may choose a chest. It will randomly give you one of three grades of chests. This page will give you a list of possible prizes attained in the Storm Mesa dungeons.

This thread has screenshots of all four Storm Mesa dungeons pre-dungeon layout grid and the full layout of the dungeon itself during play.


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