Storm Mesa 4 Teams

A bonus of our guild growing in power means we’re able to take on more powerful Storm Mesa Dungeon battles. However, the more powerful the dungeon, the more important strategy becomes. Though some members will still run Storm Mesa 2 battles (for which the only strategies are: one team of level 120+ heroes in each of the four corners, and 1-2 Pumpkin Dukes, depending on their power and number of Cupids accompanying them), particularly upon request (if Joolie is around – that’s me, hi! – she will always run a Mesa 2 for anyone who wants one, if she has enough runs and if there are enough other people around to join), many of our members are forming Storm Mesa 4 groups.

If your hero team is powerful enough for Storm Mesa 4 (heroes all 140+ power, high inscription levels, and preferably has a Pumpkin Duke), hop in guild chat — or better yet, LINE (yes, that’s a link to more info, click it, click it!!) — to form a permanent team with which you can run the Mesa 4 dungeons every night after our boss battle!

More merits, more prizes, more fun. Hook up now with three of your fellow guild members to form your own team today!


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