Boss Battle Rules

As our guild has grown, we’ve seen a lot of players get powerful enough to stun-lock the boss, which is great! However, since there’s a finite number of points and more players who can do high damage, we have to strategize in order to ensure everyone can get the most points possible.

If your boss battle team is strong enough to stun-lock the boss (that is, keep him stunned indefinitely) or just strong enough to deal 35 million damage in one round, wait until the boss has only 55 million health before entering, and stay in until the battle exits on its own (don’t end the battle yourself).

The boss health info doesn’t refresh while you’re looking at it, so you have to exit and re-enter to see the update, but if you’re refreshing it quickly, you won’t miss your chance.

Using this strategy, everyone who wants max HB should be able to get it!

For more info on boss battles, check out the wiki page on the topic.


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