Raffle prizes, but HOW?!

I wanted to do some kind of raffle prize thing for those who answered the survey, but when I tried to figure it out, I ran into roadblocks. #1: Google Play doesn’t let you buy Play credit for someone else, or buy Play gift cards online. #2: IGG has no way to gift gems.


The only way I can figure out how to do it without requiring someone to give me their personal info (hey if you’re willing, that’s one thing, but c’mon, I’m a stranger on the internet, you shouldn’t give me your home address) is find a retailer that sells Google Play gift cards that also has a wish list function that lets one person buy something for another person and the retailer has the address info and the buyer never does. I haven’t yet found that yet.

Anyone got any other ideas? It’d be nice to have contests and raffles of our own and such!

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