Big bummer of a torch battle today!

Unfortunately, it seems that we haven’t managed to communicate to all our members the rules regarding torch battles. We still had at least one (if not more) members hauling torches during the day today, causing us to be on the front page of the rankings. We were unable to recover and made only a smidgen of the rewards we might otherwise normally get were everyone to participate according to our rules. This is a bummer for everyone, as everyone is affected by the results. We all lose out on hero badges and shards.

We’re looking for ways to better communicate with our members, and identify the ones who aren’t interested in being part of a team. We want everyone to enjoy the delicious HB and shards rewards at the end of a successful torch battle, but it only takes one or two bad apples to spoil it for everyone.

With that in mind, I’ve created a survey for guild members to fill out. It’s super simple – basically a roll call. We want to hear from you! And we also need your help! If you can pass along the info to your fellow guildmates when you see them online, and encourage them to visit our site, then we can increase the odds of everyone participating in the guild in a way that results in us all rolllllllling around in HB and shards! Let’s get all SCROOGE MCDUCK with PILES AND PILES of HB and shards! Let’s be SWIMMING in them! Yes!

Ok luv u buh bye. ❤ 😉

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