Guild Rules!

Hello, Legendary Bacon members! Welcome to the guild. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Please donate at least 20 shards per day. If you don’t, Sengreef will be like this: >:'(
  • Our boss fight is scheduled at 21:15 every day.
  • When taking part in the Storm Mesa-1 fight, the most advantageous arrangement is all four heroes at the bottom corner.
  • When taking part in the Storm Mesa-2 fight, the most advantageous arrangement is one hero in all four corners.
  • If your heroes are five star or lower, your power is too low to join a Storm Mesa-2 fight.
  • DO NOT haul or guard torches during the day of the torch battle. At 20:40 we will gather and receive instructions from guild leaders on which targets we’ll be hauling. At 20:45 exactly we will begin hauling and defending. Do not haul or guard before then unless directly asked to by guild leaders.
  • Remember to collect the winnings from the torch battle, even if you weren’t online to take part at the time!

Why not haul or guard torches until just before the torch battle is over, you ask? Because if we gain too many torches (over 85 is too many) too soon into the battle, we will become a target. We need to try to keep our torch level at 70 all day until the very last minute.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in guild chat! We’re a friendly bunch. We ask that you remain civil and jovial in chat. Our chat should remain PG-13 – cussing and light sexual innuendo is fine, but anything that is sexually explicit, considered hate speech or harassment is not. Thanks!

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